The Future of Telemedicine

The Future of Telemedicine

There is a digital revolution in the healthcare industry, creating an enormous opportunity to recruit physicians for a virtual work environment.

Telemedicine has started to take hold as an efficient and high-quality means of taking care of patients. According to the trade group American Telemedicine Association, more than 15 million Americans received some kind of medical care remotely in 2017 and those numbers are expected to grow by 30% this year. An important factor is that insurance payers have begun to reimburse for these services. Also, with the explosion of technology (smartphones) and high-speed internet, patients are becoming more accustomed to the idea of using virtual services.

Not only is the acceptance of telemedicine increasing in the private sector, bills to expand Medicare coverage of telemedicine have garnered bipartisan support in Congress. Opportunities in the telemedicine area can be seen by the increasing number of startups springing up in that field.

Recruiters will have to keep in mind that, depending on coverage, physicians will require being licensed in multiple states. Who would be a recruiter's target market?

(1) Locum tenens, for a start, as they work on a temporary basis and will have a flexible


(2) Full-time physicians who would like to earn extra income.

(3) New physicians who want to expand their practice.

(3) Physicians who prefer to be employed full-time in the telemed area rather than in a clinic or

hospital environment.

(4) Doctors who want a flexible schedule.

(5) Semi-retired or physicians winding down their practice.

Not only are there Telemed opportunities for physicians but also nurse practitioners, therapists, and dietitians. In fact, there are possibilities for many Health Care Professionals (HCP's)as these healthcare jobs can be performed from just about anywhere.

Telemedicine is a new and growing field and will transform healthcare delivery, creating an immense opportunity for recruiters.

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