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Hiring & Keeping Part-Time Nursing Staff

Hiring & Keeping Part-Time Nursing Staff

There are social, cultural and economic factors that have led to the shortage of nursing staff in the U.S. The number of nurses exiting the profession currently outweighs the number of nurses entering. This problem is exacerbated by an aging workforce. Approximately 50% of American nurses are over the age of 45. Cutbacks in hospital resources resulting from managed care have made nursing more stressful and even less desirable. With this shortage expected to grow, the question remains how to att...
Admin Mar 15, 2018
Hiring A New Physician: Critical Questions

Hiring A New Physician: Critical Questions

Demand for physicians is outgrowing supply. How are you going to fill the gap in your establishment? Are you going to use an in-house recruiter or an independent search firm? Finding the right individual is challenging since your practice is not the only one attempting to recruit that stellar candidate. This is a capital investment and hiring the wrong person will end up being a costly mistake. Ask yourself: 1. Who is your ideal candidate? Make a list of the attributes you are looking for. Not ...
Admin Feb 15, 2018
Why Your 'Employer Brand' Matters

Why Your 'Employer Brand' Matters

Savvy candidates will evaluate company brands before applying to or accepting a job, much in the same way they evaluate consumer brands when shopping, said Amber Hyatt, SPHR and vice president of product marketing at HR software company SilkRoad . They'll be researching you as much as you research them, so make your website a strong tool for engaging talent. "It's imperative to have a well-designed career site to deliver a cohesive brand image that reflects the company mission, vis...
Admin Jan 15, 2018


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