3 Tips on Finding the Ideal Millennial HCP

3 Tips on Finding the Ideal Millennial HCP

If you are recruiting Health Care Professionals aged 25 to 38, then you are working with the generation now popularly called Millennials (aka Generation Y). While horror stories about interviewing Millennials abound, many can be summarized by the question "Did they even want this job?" Before you can focus on how to interview them, you first have to figure out how to even find them. Below are three suggestions to help you get started:
1 - Focus On the Digital
This generation was raised on computers and rely on social media. Your tactics may need to change to include this in your recruiting arsenal. While a Millennial may read as much if not more than previous generations, most of it is now done online. Make sure that Job Boards, Job Sites, and e-blasts make up a significant portion of your advertising. Also, it is important your organization has a sleek, savvy looking online presence that reflects who you are. Have a presence on multiple platforms. Expand beyond Facebook and LinkedIn to include platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.
2 - Benefits, Benefits, and More Benefits...
A Millennial places great value their freedom and quality of life. Many organizations are providing free swag, fun activities, and other extras. Remember, you are competing for their attention. Do you have an on-site gym or childcare? Have a technology lounge or a lounge that offers natural/organic foods? Get the word out when advertising. On-site childcare is especially attractive to younger Physicians who frequently have a hard time finding childcare when relocating. Also, focus on the benefits of working in your community. Let them know you are close to the beach, or what a great lifestyle your location offers.
3 - Show That You Care
Millennials are known for being interested and engaged in culture and community activities. Publicize any of your organization's efforts related to giving back to the community, assisting the needy or other such praiseworthy activities. In addition, show that you care about them individually. How is your organization different from the others in regards to helping them meet their career goals? Do you have a great mentorship program or clear pathways for advancement? If so, tell them about it.
Hopefully, these tips can help you set your organization apart from the pack to attract your ideal Millenial candidate.
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